Precessional effect


IT is self-reassuring to accept the situation that you can’t do everything at once. I have come to realize that the way forward is to add a little progress every day. I learnt that over time I will build a whole new set of habits and self-disciplines. I am reminded that anything valuable takes time. There are no overnight successes.
Once again the year 2016 has come to an end with this week being the last week of the year. Now we reflect on the year and on the successes and challenges we have been through in our life this year. It is a time of the year that we sit back to reflect or to plan ahead for the New Year 2017.
I went through a lot in 2016 that I hardly had time to gather myself as I walked the road I took. My travelled road was a bit rough. It had so many twists and turns that all my energy was used up just so maintain my safety on the road. I could not see myself crying for a lost foot or a toea lost in the unwritten transactions of life. All I had was my drive to get to the end. At times when I had stopped to look down, it was so that I could lift my foot out from where it was stuck.
I could not allow myself the luxury of celebrating the successes of the year 2016. I found myself in a corner where I could not hide. I was exposed to the elements of weather as experienced in Port Moresby. I was high and dry with no time to pursue schemes of self-gratification and personal viability. I was, as it were, troubled by my own inability to justify the reason for everything that was not in my favor. I felt like a loser, but I did not let that hold me down or discourage me. I kept walking with my head held up high, knowing that things could be better.
As I reflect on the year it has been for me I couched into self-assurance mode. Everything I did this year was devoted to my work and I sometimes felt that I had ignored my own personal growth and success. I realized that I was living for others and not for myself. I felt a sense of self-abandonment and bewilderment take a permanency on some parts of the road. In those moments I tried every trick in the book to change whatever was wrong, but all to no avail. The circular journey I got used to provided no real opportunities for self-definitions.
Yet, the journey of 2016 taught me one valuable lesson. Never give up. Once I get to the end, then I can decide on what to do next. The year 2016 provided me the opportunity to think about what I need to do in 2017 and beyond. There are a lot of expectations in the air. A lot of promise and opportunities are about to reveal themselves in 2017.
By the time the New Year 2017 arrives on Sunday I would have buried my burdened heart and mind, and prepared myself for the dawning of a future. I don’t know what the future holds, but I am ready to take on the challenges as they come. Up until now I have prepared for the future. By the time 2017 arrives I should be ready to take that one step forward. A Ancient Chinese proverb says: “A journey of 1,000 miles must begin with one step.”
In hindsight, it is an important step that makes a lot of difference in the rest of the year. The first step taken must always be the best foot, which allows you to move forward in the days and weeks, and months to come.
“As long as you are actively in motion in the pursuit of your goals, you will create processional effects that will turn out to be far more important than you initially were capable of understanding or intending. You just begin, and the path of opportunities just keeps unfolding in front of and to the side of you,” are the wise words of the ever inspiring Jack Canfield in his book The Success Principles: “When Donald Trump built his first building, he wasn’t aware that he would eventually own casinos, gold courses, a resort, the Miss USA contest, and the number-one reality show on American television. He just knew he wanted to build magnificent buildings. The rest unfolded along the way,” including becoming the President of the United States of America in 2017.
What would 2017 be for me? What is it that I want to do next year? What is it that I am ready to do next year? The answers to these questions will only be known as the year unfolds. I am sure of one thing: Every new success opens up new unforeseen possibilities. It does not matter how small or big the success is, I am ready for the unforeseen possibilities.
“If you just aim in the direction you want to go, start and keep moving forward, all kinds of unforeseen opportunities will grow out of that forward movement,” says Jack Canfield in his book.
A forward movement is the aim. Not back or circular movement. To succeed you need to keep moving forward.
For some of us, this is the time of the year we prepare our 101 Goals as we launch ourselves into the new year. It is a simple action we take before we cast our net into the future. Our movements are toward those 101 Goals.
A belated Merry Christmas to all the loyal followers of Steven’s Window. I hope you will remain with me in 2017.
I have no idea what is in store for you and me but let’s embrace the brand new year 2017 for what it will bring into out lives.
I wish you all a Prosperous 2017.

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