Primary school gets new double classroom


A new K200,000 double classroom was officially opened at Turinghi Primary School in the Sausso LLG of Yangoru-Saussia, East Sepik, recently.
Turinghi is one of many schools in the district that received funding assistance from local MP Richard Maru.
The funding was derived from the District Services Improvement Programme (DSIP) under the district’s education grant.
Maru commended the school’s administration for transparently using the funds given to them to build the classroom.
“I am impressed with the outcome of your work as you have constructed an outstanding classroom building, therefore I will give you a further K100,000 from this year’s DSIP funding.”
He recommended to the school’s chairman to consider putting this funding towards building an elementary classroom for the school.
“Every child who attends elementary up to primary classes must be taught in English only. No child is to speak Tok Pisin or the local dialect in the school grounds,” Maru said.
“This will improve a child’s ability to successfully complete their education.
“Exams for upper grades are all done in English. If a child fails to understand or even write English then there is no point in investing in education.”
He told parents and the school administration that every child in the school was competing against those from other schools within the district, province and the country.
Therefore, more efforts are needed to improve their education standards. “The future of a district will depend entirely on the standard of education.”
Maru also announced that the district would be giving K100,000 to Kimgawi school for the construction of a two double classroom.
“We are opening up the Sausso LLG because for too long the people in this area have suffered from having no access to roads, good education and health facilities,” he said.
“I will invest more in this school so I expect good academic results from students coming out of this school.
“Parents, it is your duty to ensure school aged children attend school.”
Saingi Community School has also been allocated another K100,000 for the construction of a two-in-one classroom.
He urged students to strive for the best and to ensure they achieve good academic results for a better future.

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