Prison ministry helps in rehabilitation process


CHURCHES play an important role in the rehabilitation of prisoners and Bomana welcomes more church programmes, says commanding officer Superintendent Haraha Kiddy Keko.
Keko addressed the three nightly crusade organised by the prison ministry teams in conjunction with ministry groups from Gerehu’s Debeini’s Living Waters Church.
He said prisoners needed to hear the Word of God.
“The Word of God was always the salvation needed by people who were at their lowest times,” he said.
“Giving their lives to God was the right thing to do.
“The Debeini’s Living Waters ministry turned up for the evening crusade not only bringing spiritual food but also food to help the physical body.
“For the last three years, we have enjoyed fellowship with the inmates. Prison officials have provided the leadership and commitment to make prison ministry a success.
“It’s our prayer and hope that more churches and organised groups can come and minister to the prisoners.
“Their time and commitment not only reflect their dedication to the work of God but it gives the inmates hope for change and the opportunity to give their lives to God and repent from their wrongs.”
He said for the past 38 years, most of the church activities were confined to the minimum security unit. Now they are using the main compound.
“We have opened up the main area for the evening activities. I visited the female wing and realised that they also needed church activities and programmes and the women themselves requested that,” Keko said.
“We gave the opportunity to the women and they also participated in the first crusade organised for them in July.
“The challenge is for all of us to continue to pray and work together to extend the kingdom of God to reach people here.”

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