Private hospital arranges Indian urology specilaist visit

Health Watch

INDIAN urology specialist Dr Lionel Ganaraj will be in the country for a week through an arrangement by Pacific International Hospital (PIH) at 3-Mile, Port Moresby.
Ganaraj is a professor and a renowned urologist working in one of the leading medical institutions of India.
He has extensive experience of more than 20 years in the field of urology with special expertise in kidney stones removal and kidney transplants and is also highly respected for his pro bono work in under-developed sections of India.
He will be conducting consultations and screening of people facing problems with their urinary tract.
Ganaraj said it was a long term dream to establish the procedure in the country and planned to visit every three months, based on the number of patients requiring his services.
How often he visits will depend on a large number of patients, which will also make the procedure cheaper. Now it is priced very competitively at K7000, which is cheaper in comparison to overseas treatment.
“In the constant effort to bring advanced yet affordable healthcare to the country, this time too, PIH has managed to procure the equipment necessary (as an expensive investment) and more importantly a champion in that field to wield them, thus making it a possibility for a lot of people plagued with problems of the urinary tract to get succor, here in PNG itself,” Col Sandeep S Shaligram, CEO of PIH, said.
Dr Paul Alexander, consultant surgeon with PIH, emphasised on the role of media in raising awareness about such medical advancements in the country that can benefit all citizens.
PIH is Port Moresby’s largest private hospital offering more than 14 specialties under one roof, with specialists and technologically advanced equipment being utilised to bring modern healthcare to PNG.

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