Private hospital to subsidise pap-smear cancer test

Health Watch

THE Pacific International Hospital will subsidise the cost of pap-smear tests at the hospital in October – the global cancer month, says chief executive officer Col Sandeep Shaligram.
He said early detection was important because cancer treatment was a long and expensive process involving chemotherapy, surgery, drug treatment and radiation.
A pap smear test involved the wiping of the opening of the cervix at the vagina to find if there are abnormal cells. If there are, treatment is required.
Women between 21 and 65 are recommended to have tests.
He said cervical cancer was the most prevalent and the second largest cancer killer of women in low and middle-income countries.
“Through education, awareness, and screening, women can dramatically increase cancer prevention,” he said.
He said cervical cancer was deadly because of the lack of awareness. Women either recognise or ignore the symptoms until it is too later.
PNG Cancer Foundation chief executive officer Dadi Toka Jnr said: “PNGCF have started the school education programme and we have educated over 600 girls already in NCD. We have educated nearly 2000 women in PNG.
“These a small steps but will lead to much bigger things especially in awareness and prevention.”

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