Private interest and public good


I DON’T see leaders; I see businessmen winning elections.
There is a marked difference in the philosophy of a business and that of a government.
A business is private while a government is public – of, for and by the people.
In government, people’s interest and public good come first. In a business, profit and accumulation of wealth come first.
The changing trend in the world today is such that private interest is conquering public interest.
Businessmen who have money win elections.
A case in point is the Trump administration in the United States. He brings with him private interest in the guise of public interest.
Voters have become confused and are now voting for all the wrong reasons.
The end result is chaos and conflict. Each attempt to remedy the issue only turns into problem and more problems.
Why? Because we voted in private interest over our own public good and national interest.
Good luck with your new government and new leaders.

Cyril Gare, Via email

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