Private training providers urged to register institutions


The National Training Council is urging private training providers to register their institutions so there is quality control in training courses.
NTC secretariat director Kinsella Geoffrey said that before 2010 there were about 200 private training institutions but after NTC introduced the National Quality Assurance Framework (NQAF) to renew and register them, many could not make it leaving only half to continue.
“In the National Quality Assurance Framework we look at the trainers standards, programme standards and facility standards,” he said
“As I’m speaking there are non-compliant training institutions out there operating, however, NTC does not have the power under its Act to put a stop to them.
“We are doing it in a diplomatic manner by advertising the names of the registered training institutions in the media and the parents or sponsors decide whether to enrol their kids or not.”
He said the NTC Act has not been reviewed since its enactment in 1991 resulting in many loopholes that needed tightening and one of them was the non-compliant training institutions.
According to Geoffrey the office has a master plan developed in 2015 to accommodate the current review of the policy and the NTC Act.
The draft is being reviewed by lawyers.
“The NTC Master Plan 2015 and beyond is to modernise NTC towards becoming relevant and visible to its stakeholders.
“The revised National Training Policy has 11 policy areas to guide human resource planning for the country.
“One of them is to have the labour market information.
“Somebody has to take stock of the engineers we have, carpenters and other trades and professions so that we can project them when request from projects and developments come in,” he said.

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