Probe into burning of police station continues


INVESTIGATION into the burning of the Mutzing police station in Markham last year is continuing, says Morobe police rural coordinator Chief Inspector David Warap.
He made the comment following the burning down of the new Gagidu police station in Finschhafen last Wednesday.
“Last October, Mutzing police station was set alight and a detainee was burnt to death. Investigations into the cause of fire are still pending as there were no leads and evidence,” he said.
“Police have done their investigations, however, PNG Power and Fire Services have not completed theirs.”
Warap said PNG Power and the Fire Services had conducted their own investigations.
“We are still waiting for their reports before we can reveal the cause of fire. Right now it is still unclear whether fire had started from an electrical fault started by some people,” he said.
Four police stations were burnt in the province in a span of nine months.
Mutzing police station was burnt last October. Two months later, the West Taraka police station in Lae was set on fire. In February, the Voco Point police post was torched, followed by the burning of Gagidu police station last week.

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