Process in place to deal with family


PUBLIC servants who become perpetrators of violence in the family can be referred to the Department of Personnel Management, according to founder of a human rights defender agency.
Urban Rural Development Foundation Director Janet Benabo said many survivors are being suppressed of finance by their spouse which leads to domestic violence.
“For the perpetrators working in the public service we refer them to the Department of Personnel Management,” she said.
“All the public service has the Gender and Social Inclusion focal point.
“For the ones working in companies we report the case with their management.
“If the survivor is seriously harmed we refer her straight to the family support centre to be treated and then after that it is to the police station and legal process starts from there.
“If survivors need safety we refer them to the safe house first (and) we ask the survivors what action to take.
“If its high risk and the survivor needs to move out we go to Oxfam for repatriation.
“We all talk together as a team for referral. In NCD we have the secretariat in charge to provide the referral forms.”

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