Processed food a killer: Doctor

Health Watch

PEOPLE must go back to eating garden food and avoid too much processed food, a doctor says.
Sir Buri Kidu Heart Institute director Professor Isi Kevau was commenting on the status of heart diseases in the country.
He said people should eat what their forefathers ate in the past.
“You look at the rural population,” Kevau said.
“They are like what we used to be 50 years ago.
“Traditional way of life is maintained and there is a low percentage of people with obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes,” Kevau said.
“It’s the influence of western lifestyle that has a big imposition on the life of the people.”
He said people were no longer involved in gardening, fishing and hunting.
“So your body changes from a very fit guy to an obese guy or woman and have high sugar in your blood – which is diabetes.
“You have high cholesterol in your blood which causes heart attack and high blood pressure causes stroke.”
He said a recent study by the Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research which compared villages in Port Moresby, Karkar Island of Madang and a village just outside Goroka town concluded that high risk factors were strongly associated with urbanisation.
“When we are sending somebody to Singapore (for medical operation), the figure we quote to them is K60,000 to K80,000.
“Does the average Papua New Guinean have that in the bank?
“When you compare that with typhoid in the rural areas, maybe that’s the most expensive disease that we come into.
“So prevention is better than cure,” Kevau said.

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