Programme changes mindset

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The personal viability programme of the Human Development Institute at 6-Mile in Port Moresby has changed the mindset of the people who have undertaken it.
A total of 33 people in the fourth batch of 2016 graduated with certificates last Friday.
Speaking at the graduation ceremony, founder Dr Samual Tam, commonly known as Papa Sam, said the answer to everything was not knowledge but how one use knowledge.
“It’s not about money or resources but it’s about how you use it,” Tam said.
He said he designed the system to make people think and use their life to add value to other people’s lives.
Guest of honour Rev Samson Lowa congratulated the graduates and encouraged them to ask God for his leading and make use of what they have learnt.
“We don’t need degree holders, we need the Bible and we need people who tell the truth,” he said.
“Christ is our hope and if you have Christ, you are the hope of this nation.” Central Deputy Governor Desmond Baira commended Tam and Lowa for initiating the personal viability programme.
The Central government has sponsored 23 students in this batch and will sponsor more women to the next batch.
“Women’s development is very important and our government is happy to support women in the province,” Baira told The National.
He said they wanted women to be used wherever they were so they sponsored them to learn new things and teach and help other people through the personel viability programme.
He said this was one programme the Government should support.

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