Prohibited food items destroyed

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IMPORTED food deemed to pose biodiversity risks were destroyed by National Agriculture and Quarantine Inspection Authority (Naqia) officers yesterday.
They were imported mostly from Asian countries by food wholesalers in PNG.
They included  200 bags of 50kg rice, 50 cartons of tinned curry chicken, 99 cartons of honey, one carton of noodles, two cartons of tinned fish, three cartons of corned beef and 105 cartons of frozen pork and chickens.
They were destroyed at Naqia’s premises in Kilakila, Port Moresby.
Naqia’s acting general manager (operation) Warea Orapa said the foods products had been kept at Naqia’s storeroom at the Port Moresby international wharf for more than 30 days.
“They have been destroyed after the importers failed to meet Naqia’s regulations,” he said.
“A lot of people are spending money bringing in such stuff to PNG, and then realise that they were wrong.”
Orapa said the food products might be alright to eat in the country of origin “but they are not allowed here under our regulations”.
“They may bring in pests and diseases,” he said.
“Goods that come with import permits are inspected and released.
“The ones that don’t comply with our regulations are confiscated and destroyed.”

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