Promote coffee production


MANY coffee drinkers love their coffee but do not know how it is made or where it comes from.
That is why the Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) has come up with “Home Grown Kofi” as a theme for their awareness campaign to promote Papua New Guinea coffee.
CIC Marketing Officer Jacqueline Ruguna said the main reason for this theme was to raise awareness on what kind of PNG-made coffee products were out there on the market to buyers and consumers.
The CIC was one of five exhibitors under the PHAMA banner showcasing their various PNG-made products during the 33rd Australia Papua New Guinea Business Forum and Trade Expo at The Stanley Hotel and Suites.
Some of the local brands on show were the Banz Kofi, Superior Coffee and Duffy.
Ruguna said PHAMA was the CIC’s partner in helping local coffee farming groups find markets for their products domestically and internationally.
“PHAMA helps our farmer groups with advice on how to grow their coffee, improve their roasting techniques and better access to markets.
“We all work together to drive the coffee industry in the country.”
Superior Enterprises Limited Master Roaster/Barista (coffee maker) Anton Buro was happy to be part of the expo, saying it gave his company the opportunity to get wider exposure with their products.
“Papua New Guineans and expatriates are consumers of coffee and with such exposure, we have the opportunity of exporting our local produce to many international markets.”
CIC expressed their appreciation toward PHAMA for giving them the opportunity in this high covered event to showcase the coffee industry of PNG and the private sector.
The Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access Program aims to improve market access for the countries key export industries and to promote industry coordination in the industry working groups.
Some focus activities of PHAMA’s in PNG are based on cocoa, coffee, coconut, spices and handicrafts.
PHAMA helps farmers push the local produce into the global market.

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