Provide markets for women: Advocate


AN advocate for women is calling on leaders and companies in Madang to assist registered women business groups by providing markets for them.
Mary Pohei, who has been conducting adult and financial literacy for women around the country for more than10 years, made the call following her recent business trip to Madang.
She found out that Kurumbukari women were not able to sell their produce in large quantities although they were living near the Ramu Nickel mining.
Most of these women only reached primary school level.
Pohei told The National that after they had graduated from her financial literacy course, they registered themselves under Kurumbukari Women Association and started a fish-pond, poultry, piggery, farming, store and guest house. “There are about 500 women registered under the association,” she said
“However there is no market for this women available.
“The mining and the catering company there should at least buy vegetables from them or sign a contract with them for food supply.”
She said especially in a patrilineal society, women were going through all forms violence because they had been living with suppression, depression and oppression.
“Empowering women will be a solution to violence because when women are empowered, they won’t dwell on the problem and they can do what they feel it’s good for them.”
Kurumbukari is the home of the KBK Mine. It is located on the Kurumbukari plateau, 600m to 800m above sea level and 75km to the southwest of Madang.

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