Province to discuss school fees


THE Morobe Provincial Education Board (PEB) will be meeting to discuss fees to be charged parents for all schools in the province next year.
PEB chairman Andrew Gena told The National after the closing of the Grade 8 examination marking last Friday in Lae.
He said schools in Morobe have been facing pending tuition fee-free (TFF) payments this year.
He said the PEB has decided to impose fees next year in all schools in the province.
“This decision was reached because of the failure of the TFF funds not arriving in schools on time,” Gena said.
He said that has been causing a lot of problems for the schools and forcing schools to close.
“Morobe and East New Britain are the only provinces in the country that already have acts in place to charge fees according to the school’s requirements,” he said.
He said the Morobe PEB would be using that power under the act to impose a parents’ component on fees. “A lot of problems are arising especially in the rural schools because they depend on the TFF funds and when the funds do not arrive, that contributes to a decline in learning for students,” he said.
“I am appealing to all schools in Morobe that in 2017 parents will have to pay fees to assist the operation of schools and the Government will also have to pay its part, so that both parents and the Government take up the responsibility in educating the children.”

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