Province lacks opportunities, incentives for people


THE fundamental objective of any developmental effort must be to change and improve lives of people at all levels.
If there is improved road system, power and communications, health and other socio- economic services readily available in Chimbu, people wouldn’t have migrated out of the province over the years. Many youths have travelled to Lae, Port Moresby and other parts of the Highlands in search of cash employment and have ended up in the coffee and tea plantations or become security guards and betel nut traders or street vendors. If leaders and persons entrusted with these responsibilities have done your jobs, how come our youths are leaving their homes.
Obviously, there is no cash flow attraction or business opportunity for them at home.We will still go around the circle of poverty and under development although we have the necessary funding.
The reason is because we are just as complacent and have developed a comfort zone at the expense of our own people.

Moli Kaupa

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