Province to start project


A FIRST sea defence climate action project to be rolled out in East Sepik has reached advanced stages of planning, since Wewak’s coastline was washed out by a king tide 10 years ago.
One of the world’s leading engineering design and planning companies, Royal Haskoning DHV of the Netherlands has been working with both the national and East Sepik governments to deliver Papua New Guinea’s first sea defence climate action project.
The Netherlands has developed internationally-accepted sea defence and water management systems over the years and is regarded one of the leading countries in the world with the requisite technology and experience to mitigate climate change impact from extreme weather conditions from the North Sea and flooding from prolonged rainy conditions.
Most of the country is mainly flat and several metres below sea level.
The PNG Government has allocated funding in the 2017 budget for the completion of the engineering feasibility study.
This would be followed by an environment and social impact study before construction of the sea defence system between Wewak Hill and Moem Barracks would commence.
Royal Haskoning DHV was one of the European companies which participated in the PNG Trade and Investment Seminar in Paris in June which was organised jointly by the Papua New Guinea embassy in Brussels and the Investment Promotion Authority.
PNG’s ambassador to Belgium and the European Union Joshua Kalinoe, who was concurrently accredited to the Netherlands, met with the company’s officials in Rotterdam last Thursday for an update on the company’s preparations.
“I am satisfied and really impressed at the company’s understanding and preparedness of the engineering aspects of delivering the project,” Kalinoe said
“I believe the Wewak project could be regarded a pilot project and similar projects could be rolled out to other coastal and islands regions throughout Papua New Guinea.”

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