Provinces challenged to address gender violence


Addressing gender-based violence is the responsibility of provincial governments, according to the National Capital District Commission’s Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee secretariat.
Case coordinator Ruth Kendino and chairman Kila Dick said the formation of the secretariat was to coordinate service providers and keep provincial statistics.
They said this would also make it easier  to have national statistics since there was none at the moment.
“The idea FSVAC secretariat came about was that everybody was working on GBV; faith-based organisation, government, civil societies  and there was no coordination and monitoring of what they were doing,” Kendino said.
“The secretariat – one of the roles is to monitor and coordinate service providers as well as managing the data base.
“PNG currently doesn’t have a national data base so that’s one of the key functions of the secretariat.
“NCDC FSVAC is one of the pilot provinces.”

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