Provinces prepare for nationwide survey training


PREPARATIONS leading to the 2016 Demographic and Health Survey nationwide are well underway with provincial interviewers and supervisors training to start this week in all 22 provinces.
According to the National Statistical Office, most provinces will have two teams of 10 people each while Southern Highlands, Eastern Highlands and the National Capital District would have three teams each and Morobe five teams because of the population size.
This training will run for two weeks in the respective provinces to ensure participants are equipped with interviewing skills and knowledge required in the field to collect data on household and health related issues.
Following the training, the survey will start next Monday and go on for another 90 days.
According to National Statistician Roko Koloma, the survey must reach at least 80,000 women from 800 selected census units on health topics like life expectancy, infant mortality rates, family planning and other important information.
“Household questions will be based on the size of families, household locations, types of materials used for building houses, drinking water, food sources and others,” he said.
“The survey which is done every 10 years is very important to NSO since data collected would be used by the health department to do forecasts and projections when planning for wider coverage of health in PNG.
“Data would be presented to the United Nations and the PNG Government as per the sustainable development programme of the UN on the status of health in PNG”
“It would assist countries to periodically monitor change in population, health and nutrition. It would provide an international database that would be used by researchers to enable comparability of data between countries.”

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