Provinces set to have TSC advisers


BY next year all provinces will have Teaching Service Commission provincial advisers, chairman Baran Sori says.
“TSC is in Port Moresby which is isolated from the bulk of teachers, our employees. This is why we see, every year a lot of teachers come to Waigani for pay queries, for appointment queries and others,” Sori told The National yesterday.
He said TSC received queries from about 10,000 teachers every year.
Many of these teachers travelled in to sort out their issues while some used other forms of communication to reach them.
“We want to be where our teachers are and that is why we are establishing Teaching Service Commission in the provinces with the teachers and attend to their queries.”
He said for the remainder of this year the TSC would start with Chimbu, Morobe and Hela.
Chimbu has recently opened an office while the TSC is awaiting response from the other two provincial administrations after sending them a draft memorandum of understanding.
According to Sori, the Department of Finance would provide funding in the 2017 budget for a roll-out of advisors. TSC will initially set up advisory offices in provinces with highest number of teachers with queries.
He added that other functions of the TSC advisers would include sitting with provincial education boards in appointment meetings, advising on the appointment process and making sure appointments were done on merit.
“On discipline, they will not be directly involved. They will only be providing advice; not only advising the investigating education authority in discipline matter but also advising teachers on correct procedures.”
About 57,000 teachers are paid by the TSC. This include teachers from elementary, primary, secondary schools, vocational centres, teachers

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