Provincial police command relocates


THE provincial police command of East New Britain will be relocated to Rabaul town to make way for the metropolitan command in Kokopo city.
Police Commissioner Gary Baki announced this decision last Thursday in Kokopo during a ground-breaking ceremony.
“We will move the provincial command away from the city because the metropolitan command is a command of its own and will be responsible for the entire city of Kokopo.”
He said Rabaul town would be home to the provincial command.
Other stations in the province will remain.
Baki condemned the Kokopo police barracks.
He met with Governor Ereman ToBaining Jr last Thursday to discuss the demolition of the barracks.
“I have made a decision to have the barracks demolished soon,” he Baki said.
“There are 11 police officers and their families living in the barracks.
“We cannot leave them on the streets.
“We are currently discussing how we can accommodate the officers before demolishment starts.”
Baki said police officers would be relocated in the province because in the past, officers were relocated to their home provinces which created issues in terms of capacity.
The divisional command (regional) will remain at Ralum in Kokopo city.

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