Pruaitch calls on govt to focus on 2018 budget


OPPOSITION leader Patrick Pruaitch has advised the Government to focus on the 2018 budget and not waste time on a supplementary budget.
Pruaitch, who was Treasurer in the last government, said tabling a supplementary budget would be a futile exercise.
“This is because we are getting closer to our main budget of 2018. My advice to government is to concentrate on the 2018 budget than worrying about a supplementary budget,” he said.
“We are in September. What would you achieve within three months?”
Pruaitch said a similar supplementary budget in 2015 did not have the effect they expected on the economy.
“We found it very difficult to balance the books back then. Therefore, my advice to the Government is to make sure the 2018 budget is the one that they really need to concentrate on,” he said.
Pruaitch suggested that the Government should instead put in place immediately a short-term economic plan to revitalise the economy and generate cash flow.
“Government should cut on the extravagant spending and excessive borrowings. The efforts and resources of the government should be put into a short-term plan to rescue the country in terms of building up cash flow,” he said.
Deputy Prime Minister and Treasury Minister Charles Abel said last week the 2017 supplementary budget was part of the Government’s 100-day plan.

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