Pruaitch visits Morobe LLG, raises concerns about economy

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National Alliance Party leader Patrick Pruaitch  reiterated to Tale villagers in the Labuta local level government area of Nawaeb, Morobe, that the Government has incurred huge debts.
Pruaitch was in Labuta to open a campaign house for one of his candidates, Timothy Bonga. Bonga, a former Nawaeb MP, is again contesting this year’s elections.
Pruaitch said in the last eight years, he had championed the economy of PNG but now those running the country would “land it in rough seas”.
“There needs to be a change of leadership,” he told the people.
In October last year, Pruaitch said the prime minister had removed section 32 and 33 of the Public Finance Management Act, making his work as a treasury minister very hard.
He was sidelined as Treasurer earlier this month.
Pruaitch said the debt level in 2011 was around K7.7 million and in a space of five years the debt level has blown to K21 billion.

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