Pruaitch’s move should have been done two years ago


Patrick Pruaitch’s little political stunt blaming the O’Neill led government for driving the economy down is very juvenile.
It is an old trick we have seen many times in our political history by those drunk with ambition.
It is true that the economy has taken a drive from 13.3 per cent growth in 2014 and 11.8 per cent in 2015 to 2 per cent in a year.
It is also true that those in government and their cronies have looted the public purse with dubious contracts and uncontrolled foreign borrowings now at K21.6 billion, which is beyond the threshold of Fiscal Responsibility Act.
The ignorant innocent people of PNG will bear the brunt of all the foreign debt repayment and suffer the economic realities.
But what Pruaitch is trying to hide is he was the Minister for Treasury in charge of the economic management in this government.
He was the leading figure presenting all government’s annual budgets and downplayed any effort for frank conversation on the state of the economy.
Having read through all his budget speeches to Parliament, he unsympathetically defended the O’Neill government’s economic management but suddenly pulled out the Pandora’s Box.
Pruaitch argued that during National Alliance’s led government, PNG has experienced stable economic growth.
That is true that we had consistent economic growth for 10 years, largely due to political stability and commodity prices.
However, the economic growth never translated into tangible social and improved quality of life for the ordinary citizens of PNG as he claimed.
So if Pruaitch was any genuine about his claims, he would have come out two year ago when the economy took a sudden dive.
But his little back-flipped on an economic he led as treasurer is a desperate cry to buy public sympathy.
Like any bitter marriage, NA and other coalition partners with O’Neill’s PNC will be revealing all their dark secrets they were part of.
They are all nothing but hypocrites interested in power and self-serving and don’t deserve another term in parliament to loot our resources and future anymore.
We need better leaders.

Wekilofo Digani

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