Psychiatric hospital infrastructure poor: Official


THE Laloki Psychiatric Hospital does not have appropriate buildings that are conducive to the health of patients, the hospital’s director of corporate services Kuso Paru says.
This is because the structures (wards) do not meet the required standards for psychiatric patient care.
“We need bigger and improved buildings, bigger space and the type of rooms that can cater for psychiatric management,” Paru said.
“Most of the buildings in use were built back in the 60s and need immediate maintenance to meet today’s standards.
“We need improved services.”
Paru said building plans and construction for psychiatric hospitals were very distinct and complex compared to any health facility.
“We have spoken to our engineers and designers at the department to draw up plans to meet those required structures but they have not being able to provide us the desirable plans,” he said.
Paru said funding was an ongoing issue for the hospital.
“Authorities need to look into the needs of the hospital because mental health is a serious issue in PNG,” he said.
Paru said since the closure of the acute ward last year, space was “very limited”.

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