Public debate on issues key


MANY comments have been made in the media on the perceived pros and cons of PNG hosting the Apec Summit because of its huge cost.
Public comments on important national issues that directly or indirectly affect peoples’ lives is a healthy sign of peoples widening self-consciousness of critical issues and maturity to challenge those that they feel rob them of more critical service needs.
Therefore, the public’s comments stimulate, encourage constructive and healthy debates on issues that may be considered controversial, ill-conceived or timed over more immediate critical issues.
PNG has to play ball with the developed economies to gain their trust and support towards building a solid economic base and sustained prosperity.
Thus, hosting the Apec Summit is undeniably a quantum leap by PNG towards its long term economic prosperity.
The contentious issues though are the differing opinions on priority, the government’s versus peoples’ current dire needs.
For the rural masses and strugglers, an effective public health system with all vital equipment, reliable road access for services and cash crop markets, clean water, electricity and children education are more critical needs where else the government looks more at the bigger picture, ie the country’s future survival – both arguments have equal merits.
PNG’s abundant natural resources only have finite life spans and revenue streams and investing the income from these equitably to gain full benefits by immediately improving all current service deficiencies and creating a conducive environment fora strong future economy and sustained prosperity is the catch 22 question or dilemma for the government.
Both arguments have valid implications on improving the social indicators woes, set the foundation for a vibrant future economy and establishing vital relations with other countries.
The Apec  Summit is important but so are the purchases of vital life-saving medical equipment and improving rural services.

BT Laskona, Via email

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