Public health service review timely


THE review of the public health services in the National Capital District as announced by the chairman of the Parliamentary Review Committee on Public Services Reform and Service Delivery Elias Kapavore is timely.
He acknowledged the continuous complaints from the public about the shortcomings of the public health system.
While the public appreciates and the parliamentary committee’s timely intervention, it begs serious questions as to why have the Health Department and hospital boards and managements not been proactive enough in addressing these critical issues over the years.
The most critical issues for the bulk of our people include:

  • Efficient provision of service;
  • readily available supply of medicines;
  • equipping Port Moresby General Hospital, Angau Memorial Hospital and the Lae Cancer Unit with all the necessary modern medical equipment and facilities;
  • maintaining robust health programmes such road shows on education and preventions of diseases; and,
  • Availability of the necessary equipment and pathological service facilities for prompt and early  detection, testing and early treatment of inactive but potentially life threatening diseases.

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