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THE government has clarified that Monday is a normal working day and not a public holiday.
However, the exceptions are the provinces which have been given approval to celebrate the 42nd Independence anniversary on Monday, according to Personnel Department Secretary John Kali.
Kali told The National that when a public holiday fell on a Saturday, the next available working day was a normal working day. “Independence Day, Sept 16, this year, falls on a Saturday. It means that Monday Sept 18 is a normal working day,” Kali said.
He said if a public holiday fell on a Sunday, then the next available working day (Monday) “becomes a day-off to make up for people not being able to enjoy the public holiday”.
Kali, in a circular dated August 28, advised that the National Executive Council had approved Saturday September 16 (tomorrow) as public holiday for Independence Day celebrations.
He clarified in the circular that since Independence Day fell on the Saturday, “Monday automatically becomes a normal working day”.
Kali reminded all public servants to turn up for work on Monday.
He said the governors of certain provinces had sought approval to celebrate Independence Day on Monday.
“In the case of these provinces, I have used my discretion to allow them time off on Monday to celebrate Independence Day,” he said.
Meanwhile, Kali said department heads and business houses had requested that their employees take half-a-day off today to prepare for the celebrations tomorrow.
“We have given approval to those organisations and government departments to take an early break after lunch today.”

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