Public servants must learn to serve people


THIS is priceless advice to each person that is part of the public service machinery to be real servants to the people. You are called public servants so you must live up to your title to serve the people to the best of your ability.
A law enforcer who is putting on his uniform to roam the streets of Port Moresby only to be complacent and comprise the law to make a few kina at the end of the day to a top bureaucrat who is only good at siphoning money earmarked for service delivery must embrace change to be an entity in the public service machinery.
Make no mistake that our people are paying you for serving them and therefore you must earn you pay.
The pay you earn tastes better than honey but the pay cheque
you receive dishonestly ends in vanity.
You live only once so give your best to serve the people and I assure you in doing so you will appreciate your pay.

Komson Nick, Via email

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