Public servants told to provide best service


PUBLIC servants working with the Office of the Public Curator and Official Trustee have been challenged to provide the best services to the people.
Department of Justice and Attorney-General deputy Secretary Benjamin Metio told the officers that they need to understand their clients and the environment they work in for them to provide efficient services.
He said this last Thursday when opening a new wing of the Public Curator’s Office in Port Moresby.
“With the improvement to the office, it is challenged to our officers working in this office to do their best to serve the people,” Metio said.
“Public curators office is not decentralised like other offices of the department.
“Now, we have officers in all provinces, so in future, we will have public curator’s office in all the provinces so that our people in the provinces can be served better.
“Now, it is very difficult for them to come here from very far places to deal with their papers as it would cost them a lot of money.
“With the shortfall of money in the economy, we cannot achieve everything we planned for in our annual corporate plan.”
Metio urged the officers to work in teams to overcome challenges that might happen in the future.
Public Curator Jacob Popuna commended his officers for their contribution.
“What we see here is not a single man’s job but it’s a team effort and now the facility is extended.
“Most of the officers have been bunking in offices to do their job but the extension will now make them feel comfortable and we will truly serve the people.”

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