Public servants urged to obey laws


CHIEF Secretary Isaac Lupari says public servants intending to contest 2017 national election must resign before October 20, 2016.
Lupari said people who wanted to stand were exercising their constitutional right and no one should stop them.
“It is their choice, and no one including the Government or Chief Secretary or Secretary for the Department of Personnel Management has the power to prevent or stop public servants from exercising their rights,” he said.
“But public servants including directors of State-Owned Enterprises and statutory bodies must resign before October 20, 2016. That’s what our laws state and which they must fully comply with.”
He also reminded those leaving their public service posts to contest the general election that they “will not re-enter public service automatically if they lose”.
“If they want to join the public service again, they have to apply like everyone else,” Lupari said.
One of the intending candidates, Lucas Kiap, a petroleum engineer with the Department of Petroleum and Energy said he had already resigned to contest the Western Highlands regional seat in 2017.

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