Public servants warned


By Rebecca Kuku
PUBLIC servants and the provincial administrator will be gone if Gulf’s governor-elect Christopher Haivetta has his way.
He is determined to see their backs when he takes office after ousting the incumbent, Havila Kavo, by almost 5000 votes.
Haivetta finished with 14,666 votes, Elijah Timothy managed 12,153 and Kavo 9728.
The new governor-to-be said he would replace the public servants in the province in order to deliver basic services.
During the declaration, Haivetta called on all elected members of the province to join hands and work with him to deliver services that people needed.
“This is our province, let us all work together as fathers of this province to deliver to the people who voted for us,” Haivetta said.
“Much needed services that  people have been crying out for the last 40 years. Public servants, you have been a major stumbling block in the province.
“You have been paid for doing nothing.
“All the public servants starting from the administrator will be scaled down and we will bring in new people based on merit.”
Haivetta  congratulated the other two elected members, Richard Mendani for the Kerema open and Soroi Marepo Eoe for the Kikori open.
“In the Kerema open, sitting member Mendani, of the National Alliance Party, retained his seat with 10,265 votes followed by Thomas Opa, with 9873 votes, and Nickson Laime Niki in third place with 5506 votes.
“For the Kikori open, Eoe, of the Papua New Guinea National Party, won with 5772 votes, followed by People’s National Congress’s Lester Kirobai Sauka with 4209 votes and Mark Maipakai, of THE Party, with 3 340 votes.”

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