Public service needs dedicated people: Chan


THE public service in New Ireland has been a drag on the implementation of government policy, New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan says.
“We need quality, dedicated people in the public service, but we are competing against the private sector for the best people,” Sir Julius said.
“No really skilled person will work for the civil service when they can get double the salary in the private sector.
“That is why we have topped up the remuneration for our top public servants to more than double the public service level.”
He said the provincial government advertised 16 positions of chief executive officers and directors.
There were 361 applications and most of the applicants were from the private sector.
“They were highly qualified people who would not work in the public sector before, but who were attracted by our pay and benefits,” Sir Julius said.
“New Ireland will now have the best and the brightest – fully professional and highly-skilled – people working in the administration.
“I thank all the mainline churches, including non-government organisations (NGOs) as I continue to seek their support in delivering services to the most needy.
The provincial government has spent K4.5 million to support the churches and NGOs.
“The Government is very pleased with the cooperation of church leaders and with progress to date,” he said.
“There will be no free ride. We expect our people to perform or get out – if they cannot do the job, then we will find someone who can.
“And we have not stopped there. We are autonomous and not depending on State for our international contacts. Let me also announce that New Ireland now has an office in Shanghai. We are known in China.
“We are forging our own links with powerful international business and government organisations around the world.”

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