Publish criminal notices, Turi urges police


National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Benjamin Turi has urged all police station commanders to publish reports of wanted criminals on notice boards.
He said this would help other police officers in their respective stations to be aware of the identity of criminals.
“I have given the police station commanders until Friday to put up criminal notices on all notice boards for police use only,” Turi said.
He said when they did roadblocks or raided an area, they would be able to identify wanted criminals or suspects.
“This would make it easier for them to identify the wanted criminals when they come across one,” he said.
He said publishing of the wanted criminal notices was not for media but for police only.
He said he had done it before when he was a police station commander at Gerehu and had seen it work.
“I want to introduce this to my colleagues so that they too can do the same to deter  crime in their areas of duty,” Turi said.
“I’ve told all the armed robbery unit and CIDs to have the photos pasted on all notice boards in the respective stations and I will check them this Friday.”
Meanwhile, Turi said a lot of the criminals were escorting “big people” and running around as body guards for politicians.
“If we do roadblocks and some of them come around,” he said.
“I don’t care whether you are the minister or a public servant, I will arrest everybody.
“If I happen to be at a roadblock and such happened, I will get everybody out of the vehicle.”

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