Put your mobile phones down, pick up a book: Koim


STUDENTS should read as many books as they can instead of wasting time on Facebook or their mobile phone if they wish to succeed in life.
Reading would increase learning as well as improve their speaking and writing skills, Task Force Sweep Team chairman Sam Koim said.
Koim said the standard of education in the country had dropped as reflected in the yearly results.
“We see quantity but not quality,” he told a Grade 10 graduation ceremony at Fatima Secondary School last Friday.
He graduated from the school 13 years ago.
Koim said to improve the quality, the Government should ensure that all schools had internet facilities, libraries with updated books, fully-equipped laboratory facilities, the latest teaching resources, better classrooms and better houses for teachers.
Pointing to the Michael Somare Library at the University of Papua New Guionea as an example, he said most of the books were outdated.
He said the fact that politicians were sending their children overseas showed that they did not have confidence in the country’s education system.
“They do not believe either in our health systems,” Koim said.
“That’s why they seek medical treatment overseas.”
Koim urged the students to put to good use services like phone internet or public internet cafes to advance their studies and lives.
He said everything had to do with good leadership and Papua New Guineans had the opportunity in next year’s general election to choose the right ones.
“Choose leaders who would think about us and our future.”

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