Qld Cowboys to expand fan base


THE North Queensland Cowboys are looking to expand their fan base in Papua New Guinea through partnerships with stakeholders.
Every year the Cowboys send representatives to the annual Trukai Fun Run, a sponsor of the NRL club.
With the launching of the James Cook University PNG Alumni network to raise funds for community engagement and development, the Cowboys look at the new partnership as another avenue to expand their fan base in the rugby league-mad nation. Cowboys general manager of commercial business Jeff Reibel spoke of the North Queensland franchise as an organisation that has a community engagement focus.
“When you talk about the Cowboys, you talk about the social fabric of North Queensland and what we do in the communities.
“Community engagement gives us the opportunity to support people in North Queensland and PNG as well, and giving back to us, they support our club giving us a large population of fans.
“We’ve also have seen direct flights from Port Moresby to Townsville now so we see this as a fantastic opportunity for Papua New Guineans to travel down to see the Cowboys play at home.
“We also want to encourage Cowboys membership up here in PNG to create an affordable way for people up here to get closer with us.
“I also know that rugby league is the national sport of PNG and we appreciate that and we want them to be Cowboys supporters and then eventually Cowboys members when we establish a membership club up here.”

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