Quality education can be achieved, says Sori


QUALITY education can be achieved if all vacant teaching positions are filled, Teaching Services Commission chairman Baran Sori says.
He says at the moment there are about 20,000 teaching vacancies.
“When we fill all the vacant positions in the country, to get teaching jobs becomes competitive, we will be looking for the best and we will have more trained teachers and enough teaching positions when there is competition,” Sori told The National.
He said competition would allow for the best person to get a job.
“Teachers’ need to upgrade their qualifications by attending tertiary courses. This will arise because they will compete with others. In this way we will see competition and when we see competition, we will see quality of education rising.”
Sori said the TSC was conducting a master project register which would address issues of vacancies in teaching posts.
He said there were about 300 teachers quitting the system and about 1500-2000 students graduating from colleges every year.
Apart from filling all vacant positions there are other factors that all go hand in hand in building quality education such as infrastructural development and learning materials, Sori says.

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