‘Quality education comes at a price, sacrifice’


ALL parents have a choice in the kind of education they want for their children, says the principal of a leading school.
“Parents make a choice to educate their children either in the State system or in the international system, like at KoroBoro International,” principal Peter O’Sullivan said.
“If parents choose the IEA (International Education Agency), that comes at a very reasonable school fee for all the students to receive an excellent international-based education.
“The financial sacrifice parents make to send their children to KoroBoro allows their children to be in a class of around nine students or fewer and all the resources they need to excel in at school.”
O’Sullivan said that in order to be able to deliver quality education, the teachers need to be well looked after and the learning resources need to be current with 21st century teaching and learning practices and supported by technology and an extensively-resourced library.
“The school fee is the same across the school, from Grade 1 to Grade 6; they all pay the same amount of tuition fees.
“They all get access to the same opportunities and facilities,” he said. “It allows our students to access facilities that are second to none here in PNG.”
O’Sullivan said for their sacrifice, parents expect the teachers to deliver a quality education for their children and the teachers at KoroBoro do that.

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