Quick response by police saves woman’s life


QUICK response by Lae police has saved an elderly woman from being burnt alive following a sorcery accusation last week at the Talair compound.
According to police reports, the woman was suspected of practising sorcery she was tortured all over her body as her accusers tried to get information from her.
Lae Metropolitan Superintendant Anthony Wagambie Jnr said the woman was injured and later tied up, put in the middle of a pile of tyres and set alight when police intervened.
He said the woman was suspected of practising sorcery.
“The woman was suspected of practising sorcery after a community member died last Wednesday,” Wagambi said.  “The relatives of the deceased and some community members then attacked the victim after suspecting her of practising sorcery.”
He said someone from the community alerted police using the police emergency toll free number.
A sector response unit responded immediately and  came in time to save the woman.
“The tyres were set alight by these attackers when police arrived so they fled leaving the victim,” Wagambi said.
“She managed to free herself and was rescued by police.”
According to police reports the victim was taken to Angau Hospital to be treated for her wounds.
Police are now investigating to find the persons involved in the “torture”.

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