Rabaul Queen not owned by Rabaul Shipping


IT was reported in The National newspaper on November 8, 2016, that the vessel Rabaul Queen which sank in February 2012 was owned by Rabaul Shipping Ltd (In Liquidation) (“RSL”) and that there would be claims from the family members of the victims against Rabaul Shipping Ltd.
I have reviewed and confirmed that the vessel Rabaul Queen was   not owned by RSL at the time of the incident.
The National Maritime Safety Authority has confirmed that the vessel Rabaul Queen was registered as owned by Hamamas Lines Limited on January 21, 2009, with Certificate of Registry issued on January 22, 2009, and is current to date.
Therefore, RSL will not be responsible for any claims by families of the victims or by the surviving victims of the Rabaul Queen incident.
Any misinformation received by the public as a result of that newspaper reporting is regretted.

Andrew Pini
Rabaul Shipping Limited
(In Liquidation)

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