Raibus catering gets three more years


RAMU NiCo Management (MCC) Limited has signed an agreement with the joint venture company National Catering Services-Raibus to provide services at its sites.
The agreement allows NSC-Raibus to continue providing catering services to the MCC operations at Kurumbukari mine and Basamuk refinery for another three years.
MCC president Gao Yongxue signed for the developer while chief executive of Anitua Limited John Gethin-Jones and chairman of Raibus Limited Steven Saud signed for the joint venture partners.
NSC-Raibus is a joint venture company comprising the National Catering Services owned by Anitua Limited. Raibus Limited is an umbrella landowner company representing landowners in the project area in Madang.
Yongxue said MCC wished to see NSC-Raibus functioning as a strategic partner in catering services.
Saud congratulated NCS and Ramu NiCo for their understanding. He said without the support of MCC, the joint venture would not be able to deliver the benefits in terms of dividends to the shareholders, who were the impacted landowners.
He also thanked MCC for having the confidence in the Ramu project landowner company in awarding the contract.

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