More rain than expected in next month: Maiha

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THERE is a likelyhood of flooding, landslides and rough seas in the country over the next month, according to National Weather Service director Samual Maiha.
He said the country was expecting more rainfall than normal over the next four weeks.
“We are actually in a wet season but we will receive a bit more rainfall than we usually receive,” Maiha told The National.
He said excess heat energy due to global warming had resulted in much more moisture in the sea which resulted in more rainfall.
Maiha said this excess rainfall would continue in the future as global warming was also increasing.
“The worst tropical cyclone we had in 2015 was when the temperature at sea was warmer by 1.5 degrees Celsius,” Maiha said.
He said currently the sea was warmer by one degree Celsius which was closer to 1.5 degree Celsius. “The world community is worried about 1.5 degree Celsius, they don’t want the ocean to be warmer by 1.5 degree Celsius because it will mean much more rainfall and much more damage to the environment,” Maiha said.
“We can build bridges and roads but the rain will wash them away and the population is increasing.”
Maiha said roads and bridges were important to the people for exporting their crops to markets and for other activities.
“The authorities need to be aware of this and it’s important that  public listen to our daily warnings,” he said.
Maiha said Papua New Guinea needed to invest in real estates that would benefit the people in the long term.

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