Raise bar, judge urges


NATIONAL Court judge Justice Panuel Mogish has called on those working in the law and order sector to change the way they deal with issues while on duty.
Mogish told a court-user forum in Kokopo recently that there were not many positive changes in the sector in the past 30 years.
He told stakeholders to use established structures in the country.
“You just have to create that link, know how you can use the structures correctly to perform and achieve the best outcomes,” Mogish said.
“We say we work in the law and order sector but we cannot even execute bench warrants quickly.”
He said it was a waste of time to expect police officers to execute bench warrants.
“It has never worked for 30 years and it will never work in the next 30 years,” Mogish said.
However, he said it would only work if people started taking their jobs seriously and making positive changes.
“Build those bridges and work in partnership to drive law and order forward. Let us involve the community leaders in this exercise,” Mogish said. He said funding was not a problem.
“We do not need so much money to execute warrants,” Mogish said.
“It would only require PMV fares to execute warrants.
“Money is not a problem, our attitude is.
“If we can just change our attitude, then we will achieve better results.”

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