Raise standard of debate, says Zeming


FISHERIES and Marine Resources Minister Mao Zeming has urged Bulolo MP Sam Basil to raise the standard of debate when engaging the public on issues of national importance.
“Our people know what the key issues are,” Zeming said.
“They want to know what the alternatives are to what our Government has provided for them in the last five years.
“They are fed up with hollow rhetoric from desperate politicians.
“When you talk of corruption, talk with facts backed by evidence.”
Zeming was reacting to an article published in The National last Thursday in which Basil had promised villagers in Buang, Morobe, that he would investigate all corruption allegations made against the current Government.
“We expect the leader of the oldest party in the country to speak with some level of decency, to engage the public in a meaningful and proper conversation on policy and development issues,” Zeming said.
Zeming said Task Force Sweep was part of the Government’s national strategy to fight and eliminate corruption and improper practices in the public sector.
“It was not one man’s work.
“It was a collective decision of all coalition partners in government to make the fight against corruption a priority, among other priorities including education, health and infrastructure development.”

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