Raising, selling of pigs banned in city area

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WESTERN Highlands police are putting a ban on the raising and selling of pigs in the Mt Hagen city area.
Provincial police commander Chief Superintendent Martin Lakari issued a stern warning yesterday that police would shoot any pig sighted in the vicinity of the city.
“I give orders to my policemen to shoot to kill any pig, big or small, sold on the streets of Hagen city or seen in the settlements or residential area,” he said.
Lakari said police were enforcing rules and regulations of the city authority.
He said some people have been carrying pigs into the city and selling them on the streets. “If you want to look after pigs, go back to your village and look after them, not in the city,” Lakari said.
He said he had carried out awareness about raising pigs in the city but people were not paying attention.

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