Raminai praises Government for world-class infrastructure


Vice Sports Minister Wesley Raminai was given a tour by the PNG Sports Foundation of three leading facilities in Port Moresby last week.
Raminai was accompanied by PNG Sports Foundation chief executive Peter Tsiamalili Jr and was updated on the status of the sports industry and all elements involved.
The tour saw Raminai visit the Sir John Guise Sporting complex, Rita Flynn Sporting complex and the Taurama Aquatic and Indoor Centre (TAIC).
Raminai was enlightened by the tour and is now aware of the massive task involved in maintaining the world-class venues and the hard work which the Government through the previous sports minister Justin Tkatchenko had done to bring the sporting industry to a high standard.
“Our former minister has done a lot and I’ll just carry on from what was done. The Government has spent a lot of money on the sporting facilities and we’ve got world class facilities and I am impressed with the facilities,” Raminai said.
During the tour at TAIC, Raminai was met by venue manager Gus Taunao who briefed him on the challenges in
maintaining the venue and other operations.
Raminai was thrilled when the venue management took him to the underground section of the facility.
The next stop at TAIC was with the High Performance Sport PNG director Aaron Alsop who introduced different sections of HPSPNG to the vice minister.
Raminai got to meet the hard working HPS PNG staff and was later taken to the gym where Alsop explained various sporting equipment used by PNG’s elite athletes.
In the final part of the tour Raminai got to meet with two representatives of the 2017 Rugby League World Cup, host city manager Tasman Samuel and Tournament director Jeremy Edwards.
During the briefing Samuel and Edwards discussed the stages involved in the preparations of the World Cup to vice minister Raminai and Tsimalili Jr.

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