Ramu NiCo to pay out royalties to landowners


THE Ramu nickel mine in Madang has generated a significant profit out of which royalty payments will be paid to landowners by end of this year.
Mines director for the Madang provincial government John Bivi said the provincial government’s cut would be distributed to the 19 local level governments in the province.
“Other mines in the country don’t share with other LLGs outside the project impact areas but we in Madang will set the example,” Bivi said.
“This will set the benchmark for the Marengo mine and other impact projects like the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone.”
Bivi said landowners at Kurumbukari and Basamuk were currently fixing their bank account details to receive their royalties.
Bivi said the Maigari and Costal pipeline-impact area people had completed preparations and waiting to receive their shares.
This was revealed during the visit of Chinese Ambassador Bing Xue to Ramu Nickel mine’s refinery in Basamuk Raicoast on Friday.
Bivi said representatives of Ramu NiCo management, the mineral resource authority and Madang provincial government would be meeting to discuss the royalty mechanism calculation policy.
He said the royalty mechanism calculation policy would determine every individual identified as landowner receive the royalty payment.
“These payments won’t be paid to clans for later distribution but will be paid to individuals.”
Ramu Nickel general manager Gao Yongxue said despite many challenges the mine went through, it survived and was now progressing well.

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