Ramu NiCo performs well


THE Ramu NiCo mine in Madang has provided its operator – Metallurgical Corporation of China – valuable experience for other explorations, president Wang Jicheng says.
Wang said the success of the Ramu NiCo project was because the company had approached a new path of development and operation from the Kurumbukari mine to the Basamuk refinery.
“This is different from the initial approach established by its joint-venture partner, Highlands Pacific Limited in its feasibility study,” Wang said.
He said the consumption process cost was low over the years, with improved output in a low commodity pricing.
“Today, we are delighted to see Ramu NiCo as an international project that has proudly established itself as a world-class joint venture integrating laterite mining, beneficiation and refining after having overcome various difficulties and challenges,” he said.

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