Rangers are not to fine


NATIONAL Capital District Commission’s City Rangers are not to collect spot fines from betel nut chewers at bus stops or anywhere in Port Moresby, a City Hall official says.
“Any offender caught must be questioned and brought to the holding cell at the NCDC depot where fines will be made or penalties imposed,” acting deputy city manager Lulu Ted said. He said that was the standard procedure and practice not only for those who chewed or spat but traders in public places also.
He raised this concern following complaints from members of the public over harassment and intimidation by rangers and bus stop wardens.
“I strongly condemning illegal money-grabbing or charges imposed by rangers and bus stop wardens on offenders,” Ted said. He said offenders should be brought to the Tengdui depot to be given proper charges or penalties.
“Intimidation and harassment of offenders by the rangers and bus stop wardens are not encouraged,” he said
Ted said the actions of the rangers and bus stop wardens did not reflect the intentions of the buai ban policy. “I would like to also urge them to exercise restraint and treat the public with respect and uphold laws and intentions of the buai ban policy,” he said.
Meanwhile, Ted said they have made it clear on designated sites for buai trade.
The designated places include the Motu-Koita villages, Gerehu markets, Koki market, Morata and 9-Mile.

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