Rapa commits K50,000 for new footbridge


THE people of Rulna in Dei district, Western Highlands, who have been taking risks crossing the Muglpil river will have a K50,000 footbridge built for them.
It will be a gift  from Western Highlands Deputy Governor Wai Rapa who visited the people last month.
More than 5000 people from the tribes of Palgi, Mabuge, Rumalge, Bunumpi, Gamake, Dikimp, Olgimb, Wanemp, Kingka and Kangika will benefit from the foot bridge.
It was reported that several people had perished while trying to cross the fast flowing river.
In March this year a boy attending Rulna Primary School was swept away by the river when he was returning home from school.
Adults have also lost their lives when trying to cross the river.
The crossing is especially risky for pregnant women, sick people and students who need to access the health centre and school across the river.
Rapa was moved when told of lives lost and the hardship people faced with the river.
Rapa flew by helicopter to witness the opening of classrooms and a teachers house at Rulna and made the commitment to fund the 30 meter foot bridge.
“We need to start thinking about how our people are facing difficulties in the most remote parts of the province,” he said.
“It is a very sad thing for these people to suffer and I have to get more than K50,000 frommy pocket to build the bridge.”
He said the bridge will connect all villages at Rulna including the primary school, health center and all the churches located across the river.
“We need to start looking back at those ones suffering and help them,” Rapa said.
He said that there was no road connecting the people of Rulna with Dei and the rest of the province since the road was cut off in 1993.

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